As the creative lead for Innovate Raleigh I was tasked with crafting this series of videos for their inaugural series.
The main challenge with this  series was dealing with vast difference between each company. As we featured 5 very different innovators you want to make sure each one reflects on the other while respecting that companies primary audience and what makes them who they uniquely are. The pursuit of that balance is what defined everything from the cameras used to what was left on the cutting room floor. Equally important is getting to know not just the company we feature but the people behind them as well.
While there are a lot of very specific things that went into the production on this series. The main thing I was focused on was bringing the creative team together and sharing ideas as much as possible. When it goes perfectly you get a really great creative feedback loop where each part of the process influences the other. Inherently the creative process is very subjective, so as much as I could sit down and talk with my team to work through this story the better. It truly is a process of working with people, we have such immense passion and talent at Centerline it isn’t hard to sell a series like this and really get everyone on board. Every single person on the team brought a crucial element to making this series what it is. It has been immensely satisfying to have the opportunity to craft these stories.
Creative Lead/ Art Director: Mike Delaney
Director: David Puckett
Editors Zan Gantt, Caleb Hoopingarner
Motion Design: Mikey Zoppo
Music/Sound Design: Dan Schneider
Producer: Nikki Gusse
Created at Centerline Digital
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